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Glenn Foster D. Glenn Foster, the father of The Kinesic Interview Technique, is recognized as the leading exponent, practitioner and teacher of the renowned interview and interrogation system. A born teacher, Glenn put his B.Sc. from Auburn University and his M. Ed. to good use teaching high school in Georgia until the financial demands of a young family found him turning to police work. Serving first with the Atlanta Police Department and then as a polygraph examiner, Glenn launched himself into his life-long study of the deceptive behaviors of humans in stress. Teaming up with Frederick. C. Link, they originated The Kinesic Interview Technique. The publication in 1980 of their book of the same name established the early fundamental Kinesic principles. Glenn continued to develop The Kinesic Technique while working as a consulting investigator/interviewer for law enforcement agencies and private organizations. As his reputation for effortlessly extracting information that solved cases spread, so did the demand for him to pass on his interview and interrogation techniques to legal and law enforcement officers. View sample of cases worked Over the last 35+ years Glenn has instructed thousands of law enforcement personnel from agencies as diverse as US Army counter intelligence and the US State Department, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Mexican Police Kidnapping Units, State Farm and Blue Cross Blue Shield fraud investigators, Bomb Squad officers and Arson investigators, through to federal, state and local law enforcement departments. He has also taught professional bodies of judges, trial attorneys, psychiatrists and psychologists and has lectured in Europe on behavioral analysis. Click here for Sample of Agencies and Organizations Trained In 1994, his collaboration with Mary Marshall in adapting something of his Kinesic Interview Technique to the world of relationships, resulted in their best-selling How Can I Get Through To You? translations of which have enhanced his reputation in Europe and Asia. Glenn continues to pass on his skills and the Technique in a way that students never forget - and keeps them coming back for more. His dynamic, ever-popular teaching style ensures he is in constant demand even as he continues to work cold case homicides for federal and state agencies.

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Heather Miller Heather Miller is an Assistant Prosecutor in the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Originally from Alaska, Heather spent her youth guiding in the mountains and on the Gulf of Alaska, which led to her first career as a boat captain. Heather and her husband sailed all over the country before deciding to attend law school at the University of Alabama. After graduation they moved back to her husband's home state of Missouri and settled down in Camdenton with their two children. Since 2011, Heather has successfully prosecuted and tried a wide variety of cases. In the past, she has specialized in alcohol cases and cases involving reconstructions. Finally, she was an instructor in the Camden County Sheriff's Academy since 2012, and continues to provide ongoing training as requested by local law enforcement.

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Angela Nickerson Angela Nickerson has been in law enforcement for 17 years. During those 17 years, I've worked as a Road Officer, Bailiff, Court Security, Transported inmates for the US Marshals, D.A.R.E Officer, and am currently the Assistant Chief at the Laurie Police Department. I believe that integrity, professionalism and compassion should guide us while we do our job as law enforcement officers.

Christina Ryder Christina Ryder graduated with a Master of Arts in Social Science with a concentration in Demographic and Social Analysis from the University of California, Irvine and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Vanguard University of Southern California. Christina has been a grant writer for over 14 years and, as a fundamental area of expertise, has been successful in securing millions of dollars in foundation, corporate and federal requests for multiple non-profit organizations, coalitions, and grass-root projects world wide. She has served in various capacities within non-profit organizations including in direct service, administrative, training, conference, and academic research review capacities. An activist at heart, Christina has dedicated most of her personal research and volunteer efforts to addressing the needs faced by at-risk youth, those affected by poverty, and women and children victims of violence. In addition to her role at The Grantwell, LLC, Christina is a Sociology Instructor, GO LEAD Coordinator, and Assistant Director of the Center for Social Science and Public Policy Research at Missouri State University.

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