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Designing & Conducting Performance Appraisals

May 1, 2018Check for other dates
Tu from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 1 session
Glenn Pace

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Course Description

A properly implemented performance appraisal system can move your organization forward to improve performance and productivity. How well employees perform job duties and meet job responsibilities are critical to the employee's success and the company's success. We will prepare you to deliver appraisals that can improve performance all year long. 

Key Information

Uses of Performance Appraisals 
   - Developing employees to be more productive
   - Documentation for compensation purposes
   - To help with selection decisions such as promotions,
     demotions, terminations, layoffs, transfers, and training

Eliminate the Surprises
   - How to turn a dreaded task into a performance-boosting tool
   - Learn a proper format for a performance appraisal form
   - Steps to an ideal performance appraisal procedure
   - Effectively communicate your expectations

Preparing for Performance Appraisals
   - Establishing performance goals based on company objectives
   - Why job descriptions are a critical part of appraisals
   - Practice developing and writing useful job descriptions
   - Find out the key employee "dreads" and their impact on
     productivity and job satisfaction

Common Errors to Avoid
   - Why your reviews may be doing more harm than good
   - Gain knowledge on the applicable laws and legal ramifications
   - Are you tired of feeling like you are judging others?
   - Uncover the common biases that could decrease accuracy

Goals of Performance Appraisals
   - Get better results from everyone you supervise
   - Feel more comfortable and confident conducting performance
     appraisal interviews
   - Increase employee organizational commitment
   - Decrease turnover

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