Missouri State University

Dynamic Communication Skills & Strategies

November 1, 2017Check for other dates
W from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 1 session
Alia Stowers

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Course Description

Learn to communicate in a manner that builds trust, teamwork and consensus. Develop the skills that result in two-way communication, which is critical to a participative management style. Examine obstacles to effective communication and learn to facilitate supportive communication with diverse individuals and groups.

Key Information

Identify barriers to effective communication

  • Focus your development to improve listening effectiveness

  • Learn how you come across to others

  • Understand the communication model

How your perception can interfere with communication

  • How we come up with perceptions

  • Learn one of the most challenging aspects of communication

  • Understand what perceptions and assumptions you hold that 
    may be interfering with your communication
  • Discover how to take the critic out of criticism

Why feedback is a valuable learning tool

  • Learn the two styles of feedback

  • Identify the secret of effective questions

  • Discuss common feedback mistakes

How to be a better listener

  • Learn and practice techniques that will make you a better listener

  • Understand the different levels of listening

  • Learn the difference between distracting and attending behaviors

Using communication as an effective management tool

  • Discover the secrets of converting conflict into collaboration

  • Eliminate resentment that results from poor communication

  • What you can say to resolve conflicts with bosses, peers, and workers

You will also take a self assessment to encourage awareness of your particular communication style and uncover challenges in your communication process.

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