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Transforming Conflict into Positive Outcomes

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October 16, 2017Check for other dates
M from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, 1 session
John Gambon

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Course Description

Does conflict sometimes interfere with the day-to-day operations of your organization? Actually, conflict is a natural and even beneficial fact of life in the business environment. However, when not managed well it can result in low morale, decreased productivity, high stress levels and loss of good employees, all of which detract from the organization's performance. The inability to deal with conflict can undermine a supervisor's or manager's effectiveness. Learn how to manage conflict situations to produce positive outcomes.

Key Information

  • Factors influencing conflict at work (structural and personal)
  • Levels of conflict and how to prevent escalation
  • Assessment of primary methods of handling conflict
  • Complete the "Conflict Style Inventory" to identify your style
  • Results of conflict - positive and negative
  • Why no conflict is as unhealthy as too much
  • Approaches to dealing with conflict and when they apply
  • A prescribed  procedure for confronting conflict  in a positive manner
  • Conflict resolution strategies for dealing with individuals and groups
  • Communication skills for successfully addressing conflict
  • The role of listening in conflict resolution and how to do it

Benefits of Attending

You will be able to identify the source of a conflict and know the most appropriate corrective action for that source. You'll understand the different approaches for dealing with conflict and which is the most effective for a given situation. You'll also learn communication skills that will enable you to confront conflict constructively. And you'll recognize and be able to address factors in your organization that may be contributing to unproductive conflict.

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