Knife Defense Instructor Course - 15 Hours Skills Development, 1 Hour Legal Studies
Missouri State University

Knife Defense Instructor Course - 15 Hours Skills Development, 1 Hour Legal Studies

Course Description

The threat of a knife attack is a serious encounter for any member of law enforcement, with potential deadly consequences for the officer. There are knife defense courses available that don't focus on the reality of an attack. The techniques in this course are practical and realistic for attacks that officers have experienced in the field. This
course is not one of those courses where we tell you won't get cut or stabbed during a spontaneous attack, but we will give you the most practical defense to survive an attack. We as police officers go into homes each day where a knife will be present. The knife is easily concealable, and easily deployed by an attacker with little effort. We've developed a course we know will increase the chances of an officer surviving one of these attacks, and look forward to sharing that knowledge with you as an instructor. We also share our award winning teaching methods within this course that will improve you as an instructor. The students attending this course will receive an illustrated instructor manual along with a free instructor tactical t-shirt.

Topics covered during course:
Movement to avoid attack, Blocks, Strikes, Body language of an attack, Spontaneous attack defense, Overhead attack defense, Straight stab defense, Slice attack defense, Underhand attack defense, Ground attack defense, Weapon transition drills, 2 year instructor certification, Instructor manual, Teaching methods, Free instructor phone & email support, Instructor t-shirt included  
March 5-6, 2018Check for other dates
M and Tu from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 2 sessions
MSU Public Safety Training Center
Blue Shield Tactical Systems

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